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Primary Assessment Matters - Jean Sloan


I have been involved in assessment in its widest context, since 1992, when I joined Manchester’s assessment team. I have extensive experience of assessment issues and developments in KS1 and KS2 covering assessment for learning, statutory end of key stage assessments, standardisation/moderation of teacher assessment judgements and data analysis.

My underlying passion is in developing teachers’ strategies and skills in formative assessment/assessment for learning, to improve the quality of teaching and learning, raise attainment and make a positive impact on children’s learning. I have actively promoted all aspects of assessment for learning through universal courses and also when working in schools using recent research and materials produced by the likes of Shirley Clarke,  Dylan Wiliam and Paul Black. I have worked successfully with/alongside Headteachers, senior leadership and assessment leaders, teachers/teaching assistants (new and experienced), parents and governors.

I have been a member of AAIA since 1999 (Association for Achievement and Improvement through Assessment) and North West regional representative since 2004. This association has always promoted the importance of furthering the assessment for learning agenda by actively involving children in their own learning, working with government agencies, LAs and schools.

 I was Manchester LA's KS1 Moderation Manager from 2003 – 2010 and commissioned KS1 Moderation Manager from 2011 to present.

Since 2011, I have been an associate consultant with EY2P (Early Years 2 Primary).





Contact details

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Sloan                      Jean Sloan      M.Ed




Welcome to Primary Assessment Matters

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                                                 Areas of expertise

                              Formative and Summative Assessment

                                     STA Approved LA Moderator

                         KS1 Moderation Manager for Manchester LA

                               Moderation of Teachers' Assessments

                                                   Data Analysis

So, what do I offer?

• Customised professional development packages for individual schools and networks

• Personalised/flexible consultancy based support        

• Universal training/professional development for assessment leaders, senior        

           leadership and statutory requirements for Y2 teachers

I aim to ensure that my services offer value for money to schools. I look forward to working in partnership with you.

Approved Provider for Manchester City Council



Assessment Network Meetings  

               November 2020?



Meetings can only be arranged once the situation with Covid19 has been clarified in relation to gatherings/social distancing which may still be a requirement.




Please see 'Universal Training' for additional information and details of the programme if/when the restrictions allow.